Commercial Land Development

We help determine whether your project is feasible from a conceptual, economic and development standpoint. With a comprehensive feasibility study, a complete analysis of your property is prepared prior to our engineers and designers creating conceptual designs. This critical step reduces developmental risk, and allows clients to be confident in their property and investment goals. Our engineers have over 30 years of experience with local jurisdictions in Central Florida. This experience allows our engineers to  inform our clients of the technicalities involved, while successfully navigating the extensive process of permit approval and site certification.


Featured Projects

Oak ridge Distribution center

Orange County, Florida
IND-2 / IND-3 Zoning
29.544 total acres

Magic development

Osceola County, Florida
Commercial Tourist (CT) Zoning
87 total acres

Feltrim Gardens

Polk County, Florida
Commercial with Retail and Office
9.58 total acres

Madison Capital Group

Polk County, Florida
Mini Warehouses – Code 4815
6.26 total acres